Bohemian: Artistry free of regard for conventional rules and practices. 

Introducing my Bohemian vanity.

We scored this vanity from a local auction. 

Originally it was all black and the plan was to lacquer it in a golden/mustard yellow. 

But as we started sanding the top, the amazing bright green started to show. 

It was one of the moments where you get giddy at what you might have stumbled upon. :) 

We started hand sanding it and well, I think the results speak for themselves. 

After hand sanding it, I used Valspar Antiquing glaze to age it a little more and waxed the top for extra protection. 

I love all the uniqueness the piece has. 

I love the natural water ring we found on the top, 2 pictures up. 

I love the original hardware and the contrast of the bold green and the elegant black. 

It's already sold to the sweet woman who bought the bowed buffet

Lucky her...not going to lie...I'm a little jealous. ;) 

I LOVE this piece.